Beth's Reds

Beth Reds

Beth: Reds and Beth: Whites were our first attempt to use studio lighting and backdrops. They were shot in New Jersey over the memorial day weekend '00. These videos feature Beth, in a pair of hour long solo vids. There is no music on these videos, and some dialog.

These videos are primarily indoor scenes, with backlighting and black backdrop. There are a few outdoor scenes thrown in, one per video. Beth transforms from a cute teenage girl to a professional woman and finally to a classy woman in evening gown with gloves as the scenes progress in these videos.

The two videos in this series are a little self explanitory. Reds features all cork filter cigarettes...Marlboro 100's, and Newport 100's. Whites features Marlboro Light 100's, B & H, and VS 100's and 120's. We also see Beth try an 8" holder in Whites. Each video while not a carbon copy of the other is fairly similar with the exception of the brand of cigarette smoked. The videos differ in dress slightly, and in camera angle. They are both unique videos, with individual strong points.

Some scenes that may be of interest are as follows. Each video features Beth in a hot tub. Each video also features a scene driving in the car. Reds features a stunning close-up prokile scene as its finalle. Whites features Beth using a holder with gloves in evening attire.

Each vid is filled with Beth performing french inhales and snaps. Beth's trademark exhale is her unique ability to perform a ball snap that turns into a french inhale. Every exhale is backlit and creamy thick.

Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]
Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]


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