Sidney & Jessica

Sidney & Jessica is the second video we have done using new innovations we have been attempting. Namely having the girls mic'd for great audio, and using two cameras for each scene. With the natural audio you will not only hear the girls answer questions about smoking, but you can hear the whoosh of each exhale. For this video we use two digital video cameras, a Canon XL-1 and a Canon Elura. The two camera setup allows us to show you the same scene from a full body frontal angle and also from a close-up profile. In some scenes we used the second profile in its entirety, and in some we edited the second profile footage in after each drag and you get to see the drag and exhale from both angles one right after the other.

This video is one hour long and features Sidney and Jessica. You will see these two 18 year olds in a variety of outfits, from playful with pig tails, to sophisticated with eye glasses. Both of these young ladies are everyday smokers who show off their everyday style. They are not extravagant smokers, but I feel that you will be pleased with their natural casual style. I feel that Jessica, who started smoking at age 10, stands out in this video with the length of time she holds the smoke before exhaling.

This video is shot with studio lighting, front and back, and a dark backdrop. The brands smoked are Marlboro 100's, Marlboro lights 100's, Salem 100's, and VS 120's.

Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]
Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]

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