GIS Vol #2

Girls Inhaling Smoke (GIS-100) is a popular Spanish smoking pictures website. IRLP is glad to be the distributor for their videos. Each video in this series is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length.

The GIS-100 series of videos are shot entirely on location on the streets of Barcelona Spain. The scenes consist of candid shots and impromptu streetcorner interviews. There is no use of external lighting, although some scenes make use of the sun as backlighting with good effect. The transfer from PAL to Ntsc has left the first two videos in this series a little lower than our usual standard. In future volumes in this series the picture quality will be back to our high standard. GIS-100 has obtained the software and hardware to transfer the video digitally and master it before it is sent to IRLP for editing.

There are literally a few dozen spanish girls in this series. Most scenes run for the length of one cigarette...although a few are just a few drags. The big standout in the first two volumes is a curly blonde haired girl who appears in vol 1 and does outstanding smoke rings. This is not to say that there are not a ton of lovely women and teens throughout. There are a few scenes that appear to be mother daughter duo's, but the majority are two or three girls at a time in public resturaunts or streets.

This series contains brands available in Spain, mostly all king size cork filter cigarettes. Each video contains natural audio, entirely in Spanish so I cant even tell you what they are saying.

Order this video: [ VCD ] [ VHS ]
Order this video: [ VCD ] [ VHS ]


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