Dangles 3

Dangles 3 is the latest installment in our series of videos, featuring attractive "real" girls dangling their cigarettes with hands-free inhales and exhales. For these videos we use front and back studio lighting.

In Dangles 3 you will see eleven separate scenes with no "second camera" angles, from Kirstie, Latisha, Bethany and Annie. Almost all of the inhales are hands-free and there's a nice mix of mouth exhales and nose exhales from all of the models, particularly Latisha and Bethany. When Latisha removes her cigarette from her lips to ash, she shows beautiful french or open mouth inhales several times; Bethany also mixes in some talking dangling exhales. (One additional note: in one segment, Bethany smokes two cigarettes in a row; the first cigarette is all dangles and the second is "normal" smoking.)

This video features natural audio, and is around 55 minutes in length.

We use digital video cameras to film all our videos. Every copy is made from a digital master, and is a first generation copy of the master.

You will see the girls enjoy Benson and Hedges 100s, Marlboro Lights 100s and Marlboro 100s in this video, and use lighters for lightups.

Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]
Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]


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