Real Life 53

Real Life 53 is the newest installment in our series featuring attractive "real" girls in natural settings. For these videos we use front and back studio lighting. This video has natural audio and a few snippets of dialogue. It is around one hour in length.

In Real Life 53 you will see Jenna, Halle, Stacia and Romy. All four take huge drags and show huge cone exhales. Jenna also does some nose and mouth/nose exhales, Halle has a few snaps and frenches, and Stacia shows her slight natural open mouth inhale. There is also some leather in this video. There is also a little bonus footage of Stacia closeups (from Group 17).

We use digital video cameras to film all our videos. Every copy is made from a digital master, and is a first generation analog VHS copy of the master.

You will see the girls enjoy a variety of brands including Marlboro Light 100's and Newport 100's, and use matches and lighters for lightups. There are also two chain-lightups, from Halle and Romy.

Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]
Order this video: [ DVD ] [ VHS ]


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